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Lower School Community
Lower School Community

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fourth Graders at Bear Creek

Fourth Graders Rock Climbing
Fourth Graders Canoeing and Kayaking
Fourth Graders Going in the Spider Web

Recently, our fourth graders experienced several exciting activities on a field trip to Bear Creek.  Rather than telling you about it myself, I'll let one of the fourth graders share her day with you.

Bear Creek
by Liana Fagleson

I really enjoyed our field trip to Bear Creek because we did fun and challenging activities.  My favorite activity was kayaking.  In kayaking we did a challenge where we had to climb over the kayaks and try not to fall in the water.  Another challenge I enjoyed was canoeing.  In canoeing, we put our canoes together and held on to the canoes next to us.  We then stepped on the other canoes and switched places until we were in alphabetical order.  Team building was another fun activity.  It was fun because we had to climb through a web of ropes without touching them.  Last, but not least, we went rock climbing.  We learned how to climb with our hands tied together.   I really enjoyed the field trip and hope the 4th graders next year get to do it also.

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