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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Fifth Grade Experiences

Last week our fifth graders took a fieldtrip to Chatfield reservoir.  Team building was a major focus as they experienced various challenging activities with their fellow students.  I thought you might like to hear from one of the students on the trip, Adie Barto, who explains what they did and her various reactions to each one.

The Chatfield Trip by Adie Barto

Last Friday, the 5th grade ventured to the Gravel Pon at Chatfield with Avid Adventure.   We participated in exciting activities, some that I despised, and some that were confusing.

The first event my group was involved in was mountain biking or at least the leader of my group said it was.  It turned out to be a flat bike ride with very few hills.  I was having a great time  until the crash!  Dun..dun.. dunnn!  I was riding along the path when the person in front of me hit a rock and fell over.  I tried to go around her, but my front tire hits her back tire.  I fell over into the tall grass on the side of the path.  The bike seat slammed into the inside of my leg.  The leader of my group helped me up, and I walked my bike most of the way back, biking some at the end.

The second event my group participated in was team building.  My favorite activity in team building was the minefield. The minefield was a game we played in groups of three.  We spread backpacks and water bottles on the ground.  One person was facing the field and made hand motions to the person who had their back to the field which way to tell the blindfolded person to go.  The person who was blindfolded had to make it from one side of the field to the other side without touching any backpacks or water bottles.  If you do touch one of these items, you have to go back and start over.  Every time one person reaches the end, you have switch jobs.  Minefield was fun and confusing because I was blindfolded first but couldn't hear Alexa who was shouting at the top of her lungs.

The last event my group participated in was canoeing.  There was one activity we did that was fun for me.  We put our canoes in the shape of a triangle.  We also learned how to get people out of the water who had flipped over their canoe.  While we were trying to get our canoe to our destination, we kept on bumping into other canoes.  At one point, a kayak rammed into us.  In the end canoeing was my least favorite event because the people in my boat had trouble working together.  

Overall I thought Chatfield was a good experience for 5th graders because you can learn what activities you don't like to do and what activities you do like to do.

Thanks, Adie for your detailed explanation of the trip.  We have a much clearer picture of the day and its exciting challenges.  Dr. T

Another fifth grade student, James Ritsick, takes us to an imaginary world created from the books he loves.   
My Favorite Place by James Ritsick

I love to dream that I am in a place where every single book character comes alive.  All the stories come to be one.   Sometimes I am in a castle and other times a tree house.  From the first book to the most recent, they are all there.  My friends are also there.  I can do whatever I feel like dreaming about.  Biomes can differ from deserts to forests and urban environments with towering skyscrapers.  Every night I can go there.  I can go into the stories of books and change them or create my own.  After a while, I can just let myself make the stories mine.  I go through every day knowing that that night I can go back once again.

Thanks, James for a wonderful glimpse into your imagination.  Dr. T

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